Oh, there's a lot going on there. Ummm…well, John was…complex. He didn't really get along with anyone, per se, but nobody really hated him, at least as far as I know. He just kind of did his own thing. He'd be going along, whistling this same weird tune to himself. Doing whatever. Who knows?

Apparently, as far as anyone can tell, I was the closest he had to a friend, but we were just neighbors. We lived next to each other, in the same apartment complex. We'd talk a little in the hall outside our places sometimes, and once I helped him jump his car when his battery was dead.

He'd left the lights on all night and they'd killed it.

He'd seemed so quiet, and…I guess normal. What they found out later surprised the hell out of me.

– Recollection of Tyra Anders

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